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Wish to be a warrior for a weekend? Then look at trying the favorite sport of games using airsoft guns. Airsoft guns became immensely popular when they arrived in North America from Japan in the mid-1990s.Image result for Airsoft Guns

It was illegal then in Japan to have a firearm, and this ban could have fueled Japanese fascination in them. The ever-inventive Japanese producers paid attention to this customer fascination and developed the first airsoft guns, powered by springs.

Japanese manufacturers developed the very first airsoft guns in the 1970s when a federal ban on gun ownership led to immense curiosity about firearms one of the Japanese.

The very first airsoft guns were powered by springs to establish many sizes of plastic or rubber bullets. Not long afterward the producers invented airsoft guns powered by some compressed gas, such as carbon dioxide or propane.

Airsoft traces their history to Japan from the early 1970s. It was illegal then to have a firearm, but the Japanese were quite curious about them. Manufacturers took note of this possible market and made the first spring-powered airsoft gun. The hobby has been brought to North America around 1995.

Longtime amateurs advocate that novices attempt spring-powered airsoft guns first, till they get a sense of the gear. Spring-powered guns tend to be created more cheaply, often in China, and therefore are more inclined to break in the most vigorous conflict simulations. Compressed-gas guns are more durable, but the top gun for serious airsoft enthusiasts is an airsoft electric gun or AEG.

As the industry demand increased, producers began creating increasingly more highly detailed replicas of law enforcement and military firearms. Originally they fired several different calibers of rubber or plastic BBs. Finally, these varied sizes were standardized to 6-mm and 8-mm sizes.

Normally these projectiles are too mild to penetrate the skin and proceed too slowly, although airsoft projectiles made of aluminum or metallic alloy can penetrate the skin. Velocities using spring power or a compressed gas generally range from 30 to 260 meters per second, or 100 to 850 feet per minute. In comparison, authentic bullet rates range from 370 to 1500 meters per second.

Projectiles shot from spring-power or compressed-gas travel at velocities from 100 to 850 feet per second (30 to 260 meters per minute). Electric-powered airsoft guns fire pellets in 150 and 500 ft per minute (60 to 150 meters per minute). Genuine bullets shoot out at speeds from 370 to 1, 500 meters per second.

Airsoft powered by electricity have a rechargeable battery that runs an electric engine. Battery power led to the creation of automatic or semi-automatic airsoft guns which are currently the hottest. These guns can achieve projectile velocities between 150 and 500 feet per minute or 60 to 150 meters per minute and can fire from 100 to 3,000 rounds per minute. Not bad for a plastic replica gun.

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