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Business is a tough game. We constantly need to work in three areas to make sure we produce consistent results. Companies we work with are facing a challenge:

Attendance of work. We run our daily business and attend the problems and urgent needs when they arise.

Trim business. Sometimes we all trim. Whether it’s a process, a product or a person, this is a necessary part to ensure you get the best result and invest in the best of your business.

Growing Work We have to constantly look for ways to grow our business. This can grow your main business or sow new seeds.
To work in these areas, our stakeholders advance through a process of reflection and review. We take them “from your business” to work in your business. We recognize that we all have to be in business, but we need time to work in this area.

All companies are unique, however, we found some common things. We found that most companies have anchors and ropes. Let me explain.


Conservators retain business (and people). They are wide and varied, but the most common are listed here.

A business relationship requires a lot of resources regarding the level of business.

A production line in which the company has an emotional investment, but now does not provide performance to its current investment level.

The team does not see the link between sustainable companies and their locations.
These are the three main ones, although we see more. Every time we create a strategy to edit the anchor and start working again.

The bulk is the ability to identify the anchor and work through the process of string reduction.


Similarly, Deaf women are seen as an obstacle to business growth, but this time businesses are affected by more stringent pressures. Often due to:

The conditions of unreasonable suppliers or customers that create undue pressure on cash flow.

Improper planning, whether commercial, financial or marketing, puts pressure on investment in these areas.

Continuing customer complaints about service or product quality.

Pro-bono business or special consideration takes resources from the best customers.
The key, again, is to select it and then work on achieving a pressure relief strategy and then eliminate it.


We work with customers to develop a strategy that helps them to control and re-grow their business. Once you get the conscience of the company owner, the strategy begins to take shape. You have a new pair of eyes helping you through this maze.

Some companies simply do not ask for help. Often a lack of awareness of the situation and a sense of normal life, because they are comfortable with the situation.

It is important to assess the situation, as I have noticed, with a range of new eyes. In the words of Einstein:

“We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them”

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