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Homemade Sausage Spanish Rice Dish

When you are wanting to prepare but to do it in practically no time, this is a recipe that will certainly work like an appeal to you. It is very easy and also it is in the end really tasty, it consists of only rice, sausages as well as come flavors to make it extra tasty. You need to read these simple actions to recognize how to cook it really quickly; delight on your own with this recipe.

You will need:

Polish sausage or kielbasa (1 extra pound, completely cooked, cut into 1/4 inch pieces).
Tomatoes (2 or 14.5 ounces, undrained).
Water (2 cups).
Rice (1 1/2 cup, uncooked).
Salsa (1 cup).
Onion (1 tool).

Eco-friendly pepper (1/2 cup, cut).
Wonderful red pepper (1/2 cup, cut).
Green chilies (1 could or 4 ounces, sliced).
Como Fazer LinguiƧa (1 bundle or 1.25 ounces).

Ways to do it:.

The making of this rice is really easy, since you have currently the sausages done, you don’t need to prepare it, however you have to cook the rice, this is extremely basic, take a saucepan or a frying pan, one that it’s a few inches deep as well as in here put all the ingredients, the tomatoes, onion, eco-friendly pepper, red pepper, chilies, sausage and also rice, add the water as well as salsa as well as star stirring. Cover it then maintain food preparation up until the rice is tender and that’s when it will be done. As soon as you have actually finished it, offer it in a big plate and also some fresh parsley if you intend to enhance and also offer a much more attractive discussion.

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