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Know About Pregnancy Pillows

Everyday tasks like sleeping become embarrassing for a pregnant girl. Each morning she wakes up with pain in her neck, back, legs, arms, stomach and other areas of the body. Due to the weight inside her tummy, she is unable to lay directly, on her back, on her sides or at any position for more than about half an hour at a stretch.Image result for Pregnancy Pillow

In case you’ve experienced every one of these problems, now’s the right time to begin utilising pregnancy pillows. These cushions provide ultimate relaxation to your spine and ensure that you get a good night’s sleep. There are many varieties of such pads available in the industry nowadays. Here are some of the basic concepts that You Have to know before you move to Purchase one on your own:

1. Size of the pillow

You can pick cushions for one particular portion of your own body or for providing support for your whole body. Pillows which may be used for shielding just one part are known as wedge pillows. These wedge pillows are available in various sizes and can be used as rests for your backs, arms, thighs, tummy, etc.. One of the most significant advantages of getting wedge pillows is that you get to sleep comfortably without undermining the space in your mattress. If you’re looking for supporting your entire body, you should choose full-length pillows that come in direct or elastic patterns. You can hug these pillows and rest your full body while sleeping, so don’t turn to feel some strain in your body when you awaken.

2. Fillings inside the pillow

Pregnancy pillows come with numerous sorts of fillings, and they are priced based on the quality of those fillings. Styrofoam, polyester fibre and micro-bead mixtures are the most frequent types used by producers today. Out of these, Styrofoam pillows are the least expensive; however, they have to be handled with care because they give out plenty of sounds when being twisted and turned around.

Polyester fibre is less noisy and is softer than Styrofoam. However, it isn’t suggested because this material is quite firm and doesn’t give the desired flexibility for you to move around during the nighttime. Micro-bead fillings are considered to the best choice as they are made up of tiny beads and don’t create any noise at all when they are moved. Additionally, these pillows are very light to carry and supply ultimate support for pregnant women during their sleep.

You need to choose pillows that are smaller than the dimensions of your mattress if you do not want your space to look cluttered. You have to settle on a pillow that’s rather firm so that it gives you the popular support during tough nights.

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