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Are you a newcomer to the DSLR video trend that seemed to have taken over the video sector immediately? Are you a beginner to movie production all together, but are considering owning a DSLR camera? No matter what your background could be, I’m sure, at some point, you were asking,”what’s the best DSLR camera for novices?”

It’s no wonder that Canon has become the pioneer in the DSLR video community for the last couple of years. They have engineered their current DSLR models for easy video integration. Not only is it easy, but it produces true 1080p HD video that’s much superior to some HD camcorder on the market.
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With that said, you should really aim to stay inside the Canon company, especially if this is your first DSLR. Out of the complete DSLR product line, I would have to say, hands down, their Rebel T2i is the best DSLR camera for novices. It’s an wonderful DSLR camera with movie quality equivalent to that of it’s bigger sister, the Canon 7D. The reason I called the Rebel T2i since the best DSLR camera for beginners is due to its cost. You can buy this camera for less than $700! I don’t know how experienced you’re with buying professional video equipment, but you can not hardly buy anything worth using for under $700 in today’s society when it comes to cameras.

But they’re more expensive at around $1,500. You can always start off with a Rebel T2i to get the feel of working with a, well let’s face it, photography camera for movie recording. It is smaller than normal HD or HDV camcorders as well as the lenses to the front produce an uneven weight distribution.

This makes it harder to use these cameras for hand held purposes. So begin with best dslrs under 50000 , get the feel of it, learn the shooting style, and make beautiful HD video. To be honest, these are the only two major differences between the two and for half the price, the Rebel T2i is certainly the best DSLR camera for novices.

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