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How often has a funny radio or TV ad caused you to buy the advertised product? Ads for example – far too many “funny” ads utterly fail to generate greater business or ROI; over half the advertisements on any Super Bowl fall into this category – anybody recalls the Petco sock puppet?

For radio and TV advertisements, humor or surprise serve the identical purpose as eye-catching images in a Yellow Pages advertisement.Image result for Yellow Pages Advertising

A humorous ad will get you to consciously hear the ad – and this is a good thing in an era when more and more of us are tuning out (physically and mentally) advertising.

However, when the comedy is a separate element from the concept of this ad, prospects recall the joke but maybe not the business, and the advertising budget is squandered on amusing prospects instead of persuading them to purchase.

So does this mean les pages jaunes advertisers should not worry about eye-catching graphics? Certainly not! Yellow Pages advertising is one step upward over other mediums because instead of tuning out the ads as background noise, prospects are searching for them! But you still have to break through the mess.

Your Yellow Page ad has to have the layout chops to overpower the other advertisements, relegating the contest into the background since the prospect concentrates on what YOU have to say.

The point is that eye-popping images are lost from the reader when they’re gratuitous. The message carried by the graphic has to be tied to the emotional needs of the customer and has to reinforce and direct to the persuasive message of the copy.

An actual Yellow Page advertising design expert doesn’t think of your ad regarding different elements. They don’t use standalone or separate strategies to design your picture, then use another plan for the headline, and yet another for your backup, etc.. The “successful” Yellow Page ad design process simply isn’t modular; all of the elements need to work together to move your reader to call YOU first!

So forget about “catching their eye” with graphics and THEN persuading prospects together with the copy.

The graphic elements of your advertisement have to catch their eye while SIMULTANEOUSLY establishing an emotional link with and persuading your customer.

Additionally, notice I stated “graphic elements” and not images. Ensure that your Yellow Page advertising design “specialist” has the design background to orchestrate these components for maximum impact successfully!

Are you considering humor in your next Yellow Page ad design? Remember, there’s nothing funny about wasting ad dollars on a newbie Yellow Page ad which will operate for a whole calendar year.